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​An engine is one of the most essential parts to a vehicle. For this reason it's important you take the time to determine what is your best option when it comes to rep
lacing one. Everything from new or used to best place to buy from, figuring out these questions will get you the engine you desire.

​Buying a Used Engine:

​We always recommend buying a used engine over a new one for several reasons. Not only will it save you a ton of money, but you will find more options out there that best fit your vehicle. New engines are not as reliable as they haven't been tested yet from the factory whereas a used engine has usually been put through thousands of miles and any defects that may arise have. On the other hand when it comes to finding a used engines, it's important you find one that is in good working condition. There are a lot of dealers, junkyards, re manufacturers, etc...that can help you when it comes to this.

​These days, finding and buying used engines are growing in popularity every day. It's easy to find slightly used engines to ones that are 20 years old and everything in between. Don't think buying a used engine won't work as Car Parts Hunter can work with you to figure out what will best match your criteria. It's always a good idea to purchase used car engines over new as you will get the same reliability at much less cost.

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How to buy the best used engine

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